Welcome to The Big Fish 117 Excellent Project 
 Our goal, is to be industry first choice, for delivering dynamic projects and specialist community outreach services. Our heart and passion is delivering motivational & inspirational health & education activities, with a team of top notch industry professionals. Our expertise is in sports & fitness and community learning & education for development. Whatever the need, whatever the age, we aim to consistently deliver quality services with excellence as our standard.   
Our focus is developing relationships and delivering motivational and innovative programmes that nurture and inspire people of all ages and abilities. Our service is high quality & unique. We are not for profit and as a Christian community outreach organisation, our passion is to help people live an informed, healthy and positive life. Our service is practical and mobile, wonderfully common sense, and our delivery is innovative, professional and unique in our people approach. Our team are focused, extremely positive & our goals are participant led and outcome based. Our standard is always excellence. Our aim is to help bring joy to every life!
Who is it for?
The Big Fish 117 Excellent Project  & service is professional and great fun, inclusive and tailored to adapt to every group or individual need, including special needs and mental heath, young people and in locations where there are inequalities. 
We deliver bespoke projects, web based education and language support and partner locally and community wide. We are literally able to support groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. We have extensive experience working with ex military Gurkha's and Nepali women who face language and education barriers 

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Why choose Big Fish 117 Excellent Project? 
We are innovative and outside of the box in our thinking - meaning new ideas and unique activities to get the job done. Established in 2004 we have delivered a variety of projects and complimentary services, specialising in housing and homeless support, all aspects of health & well being, sports, fitness and motivational coaching & education. We have a proven track record and are supported by volunteers, funders and benefactors,our services are endorsed by our clients. We work with people of all ages and many client groups supporting mental health and low self esteem, drug or alcohol dependency, the homeless, nurseries & schools, specialist centres,  local authorities and clients with special needs and disabilities. We are the first choice in sports and fitness and social well being and our core focus is developing relational work through ongoing community outreach. We take assignments for clients & people on demand and deliver contracts and pilot schemes. We have a specialist team and highly valued volunteers   

How we are set up
Big Fish 117 Excellent Project is a not for profit Christian community outreach service. Totally people led, needs based and responsive. 
A hands on project & service passionate about bridging gaps and building links. Our management team are grass roots thinkers and we have a transparent and accountable approach to our business ethos and beliefs. 
We respond to social, economic and local needs and aim to get people active, involved and connected in their community and enable them to progress and develop so they can go on to greater things

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